Quality Coordinator (Maritime)

January, 2020

One of our global shipping clients is looking to hire an energetic and motivated Quality Coordinator who has good communications and exceptional organizing and coordination skills. Their ideal candidate would have at least 1 year of relevant working experiences in WHS/QA practices and the marine industry.

Position Summary

The Quality Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Audit and Training Program and acts as the central point of contact for Quality Assurance Training Officers (QATO). As a result of these activities, he/she enables the QATOs to execute the internal audit program effectively and provides the support platform for the audit program to be recognized as a positive and value-adding experience by all relevant stakeholders.

Major Responsibilities

  • Treats safety and environmental compliance as a top priority.
  • Coordinates all QATO activities in a cost-effective manner and actively supports QATOs during all phases of their travel.
  • Provides QATOs with comprehensive information packages as part of the audit planning.
  • Coordinates and actively participates in any pre-and-post-audit activities and communication between the ship, ship team and the QA & HSE Services team, as necessary.
  • Assists QA & HSE Services with publications and administration of global award programs.
  • Coordinates with the Manager, Quality Assurance to maintain the internal and external audit schedules.
  • Provides input and assistance to the Manager, Quality Assurance in continuously improving all aspects of the QA process, including planning, execution, follow-up and reporting.
  • Ensures that necessary documentation related to the internal audit and health check program is adequately maintained and archived.
  • Assists the Manager, Quality Assurance with Quality Assurance trending reports.
  • Provides monthly, quarterly and annual QA reports.
  • Proactively puts forward improvement initiatives to the QA & HSE Services team.
  • Assists QA & HSE Services team on new initiatives and campaigns.
  • Provide administrative support to the Director, QA & HSE Services.
  • Administers expense reports & actively supports the QATOs in fulfilling their mandate and responsibilities.

Requirements, Knowledge, Skills

  • May occasionally have to work on weekends or after normal working hours.
  • Demonstrate analytical, problem solving, time management and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrates good understanding of risk management principles.
  • Demonstrate teamwork, interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Ability to respond positively to customers in an effective manner.
  • Knowledge and experience in HSEQ practices and the marine industry.
  • ISO / ISM audit training and experience. 
  • Ability to manage and develop resources effectively.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.

At Innergy, we have high standards and is specialized in connecting people with the right level of energy, passion, grit and integrity for our clients. We consistently seek and connect with professionals in their respective industries and get to know them better in both their professional and personal basis. This way, we could connect them with the right opportunity as and when it arises. Therefore, please feel free to still apply with us, even if the above role might not be your ideal one yet. We look forward to contacting you for a meet up in due course so as to better understand your requirements and cater to your needs.

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