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A great sense of empathy is one of the keys to our success. At INnergy, we focus strongly in our ability to step into the shoes of another person, aiming to understand their perspectives and feelings, and to use that understanding to guide our actions.

We truly believe that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We are always looking for energetic and passionate people with a positive outlook on life for our esteemed clients. We only work with great companies who care for and value their people.

If you are full of ENERGY and has the skills and passion that stand out, please get in touch with us at talentagent@innergy-consulting.com, or simply upload your CV below. We’d love to be your maritime, shipping & IT recruitment agency.

Candidate Testimonials...

I really appreciate what Innergy Consulting has done for me. Unlike a few other headhunters that I was in contact with, Innergy Consulting is the only head-hunter firm that not only tries to link me up to opportunities that align to my career aim, but also puts in effort in making sure I am ready to tackle the interview challenges ahead.

As such, I would like to specially mention Julian for being really nice in taking the time to know me as an individual and recognizing my needs as a prospective job candidate. Through her wealth of experience in the job-hunting field, she was able to give me concise guidance and relevant tips on how to best display my strengths and work experience to improve my chances in landing the job opportunity.

Apart from helping me better secure the job opportunity, she also has a friendly and caring disposition as she also follows up with me on settling into the new work environment. As such, I am really grateful of her efforts she has puts in and would like to strongly recommend her to anyone who seeks to better their career developments.

When I was looking for greener pastures, I got in touch with Innergy Consulting to help me. Innergy’s support in the whole process was outstanding. Next to the excellent briefing about the company they recommended to me, they also ensured that I fit to the company that they are recommending to me according to my strength and personality.

When dealing with Innergy Consulting, it was more like you deal with your trusted personal advisor rather than a Consultant. If anyone is looking for the right job where you will succeed, I highly recommend to go via Innergy Consulting.

Innergy helped me with both getting a great senior position for myself and hiring an amazing staff. With her expertise in the maritime industry, she understands the unique needs of various shipping functions and focuses on getting things done efficiently and in the best way. I am happy to recommend her professional service to anyone who looks for a job in shipping and anyone who looks to hire a quality team.

It was a great pleasure working with Innergy Consulting. This firm is definitely the first head-hunter firm who gave me 100% positive experience throughout a job application process. Their professional guidance and advice on how to better present my work experience on my resume and during the job interview helped me a lot in landing on the great opportunity she provided with an industry leading company.

Julian at Innergy is an easy-going person with extensive experiences in the industries. She makes me feel like I’m not just working with a trusted advisor but also a good friend. I would like to recommend her to anyone who is ambitious about a better career development.

Innergy consulting has been the best recruiter that I’ve ever worked with. The consultant provides valuable insight of the company and take time to ensure the culture fit of the candidate to the company to provide a good match between employee and their prospective employer.

The whole recruitment process and communication with Innergy has been seamless for me and I truly appreciate their good career advice and interview preparation tips. I would highly recommend engaging Innergy Consulting to anyone who is looking for new job opportunities or challenges.

Innergy Consulting was professional and committed in providing clarity during the job application process. Agnes made me feel very comfortable and was very understanding towards my concerns. Her work attitude is impressive, and I really appreciate how reliable she is. Her knowledge and guidance allowed me to approach the interview process confidently.

Innergy Consulting's wide network and support gives individuals the best possible job-seeking experience. To those who are seeking a new career opportunity, I would like to recommend Innergy Consulting as the top headhunting firm.

Innergy Consulting was extremely helpful throughout the recruitment process. The consultants were confident about the needs of the industry and were able to provide valuable advice. Innergy provided expert opinions about how I can better present my resume and conducted interview simulations with me before the actual interview.

The entire experience felt like I was working with a consultant to score the next big job. What is most important was I managed to progress further in my career all thanks to Innergy! Anyone who gets to work with Innergy is going to be in very good hands!

Despite being in my 50s, Innergy Consulting have been extremely helpful in landing me in a job offer within a month after I left my previous company. The guidance provided throughout the application process was positive and professional. The advice given by Agnes at Innergy has helped me to better present myself on my resume and also in the job interview.

Agnes at Innergy is a patient and professional individual. I greatly appreciate the guidance and truly recommend Innergy Consulting to all jobseekers looking for a new job opportunity. Innergy Consulting will be the best headhunting firm for you.

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