Operations Manager (Multi-Purpose Vessels)

May, 2021

One of our global shipping clients is looking for a proactive and experienced Operations Manager to manage the vessel operations of their multi-purpose fleet of vessels that ply the Far East and SEA parcel trade routes. The ideal candidate would have at least 3-5 years’ experience in land based dry bulk and project shipping operations with a Dry Bulk or MPP working in Project owner/ operator companies. He/she would have strong knowledge of commercial, technical, operational and legal aspects of the sector. Having clear understanding of the Far East & SEA parcel trade patterns and counterparties involved will be an advantage.

• Reporting to the Head of Operations, the Operations Manager will manage the day-to-day vessel operations of the multi-purpose fleet and responsible to maximise the efficiency of vessels at sea and in port.
• Responsible for managing the vessels P&L and keep abreast and ensure the implementation of procedures for reporting vessel performances (speed and consumption, hold cleaning, cargo separations) / explain underlying IMOS/P&L variances with the relevant chartering person for each operated voyage.
• Liaise with regional offices (chartering and operations) to ensure the smooth operation of the owned and operated fleet across basins.
• Execute “State-of-the-Art” operations of the chartered fleet of Projects’ MPPs or Bulk carriers to increase wherever possible the efficiency of the fleet at sea (routing / slow steaming) and ashore (stow planning vs port line-ups, intake optimization) to maximise returns for the company.
• In conjunction with the bunker desk and chartering team, optimize & manage the bunker requirements of the owned and chartered fleet.
• Liaise with regional offices, masters and the operations team to ensure max intakes and best stow, and that port operations are optimised in line with the agreed CP terms.
• Ensure that all cargo and stability information is available, paying particular attention to the allowed max drafts & loadline requirements that will be encountered en-route.
• Monitor bunker requirements of the operated dry Projects fleet ensuring that the bunker planning for each voyage is appropriate. In conjunction with the bunker desk, and the relevant chartering manager evaluate alternative bunker supply ports, if necessary.
• To increase wherever possible the efficiency of the fleet in port (expediting discharge on CQD terms) to maximise returns (and operational cost savings) for the Projects group always keeping in mind the agreed CP clauses for NOR tendering, load- /discharge- and Laytime terms.
• Manage the operated voyages with oversight and responsibility for timely IMOS entries / P&L variances and its reporting, hire payments, bunker payments, and freight invoices within the fleet operated.
• Accountability for closing outstanding files in a timely manner and within agreed KPI’s.
• Working closely with Hire Desk/Finance team to ensure timely settlement / collection of pending TCI/TCO hires incl necessary deductions, avoid overpayments of TCI owners
• Close follow up with Post Fixture team on preparation of Freight Invoice, Laytime calculations and resp PFFI & FFI within the companies KPI.
• Liaise with SP insurance, charterers, shippers/receivers and TC owners to minimise and solve claims. Alerting the chartering manager when claims and/or any potential problem with counterpart are arising and look for an amicable solution together.

• Min Diploma in a related discipline from a reputed school
• Previous seagoing experience as a Master Mariner or Chief Engineer (not mandatory)
• Clear understanding of Far East & South East Asian Parcel trade patterns and counterparties involved
• Minimum 2-5 years’ experience in land based dry bulk and project shipping operations & working experience with IMOS and SEDNA
• Strong operational & legal knowledge about cargo documents, such as M/R + B/L, Manifest, Cargo + IMDG declarations, LoI’s
• Good communications skills and is result oriented and customer oriented

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