Assistant Manager, QHSSE (Offshore)

May, 2023

We are looking for a proactive and experienced QHSSE Assistant Manager for an established offshore company. This position is responsible for supervising the QHSSE executives to monitor the execution of the QHSSE management system within the Company and to promote a positive QHSSE culture of the company. The ideal candidate would have a minimum of 5-year experience as a Marine/ QHSE Executive in a Ship Owning or Management Company.  


  • Supervises the QHSSE Executives and monitors the execution of the QHSSE management system within the Company, therefore:
  • Coordinate within the QHSSE Department in relation to the proper upkeep of vessel and                department records;
  • Organises QHSSE meetings in order to keep crews and staff updated and informed of                       changes related to QHSSE;
  • Prepares safety materials for seafarers and office personnel to improve their safety and                  quality awareness.
  • Reports to and update the Group QHSSE Manager about results of activities, benchmarks, developments and ways to improve QHSSE processes, therefore:
  • Monitors documentation, tracking, statistics and reporting of Near Miss/Hazard/Observation Reports, Accident/Incident Reports and corrective actions;
  • Keeps track of reporting, investigating, analysing and documenting all QHSSE incidents, regulatory compliance incidents, and significant near misses;
  • Reports findings are analysed for root causes and to ascertain where improvements to practices, standards, procedure or systems are warranted and used as a basis for further improvements;
  • Prepares a yearly audit plan, for both onshore and on board of the vessels, to be approved by the Group QHSSE Manager.
  • Coordinates and monitors the execution and analyses of audits, monitors the follow up on results of inspections, audits, NCRs, incidents, risk assessments, management of change, Safety Committee Reports and other QHSSE related reports, therefore:
  • Liaises with various departments before and during client and potential client audits;
  • Performs QHSSE internal audits at specified intervals.
  • Assist in accident investigation teams, therefore:
  • Is member of the Emergency Response Team (ERT);
  • Co-ordinates Accident Investigation Teams in the event of incidents involving a high risk of injury and/ or damage.
  • Acts as Deputy “Designated Person Ashore”(DPA) and “Company Security Officer” for the fleet in accordance with the ISM code, therefore:
  • Monitors the implementation of the QHSSE&S management system both onshore as well as on board the vessels;
  • Monitors the safety and pollution prevention aspects of the operation of each ship;
  • Ensures the safe operation of each ship.


  • Diploma/ QHSSE Certifications and above
  • Minimum 5 years similar work experience in a maritime environment
  • Excellent knowledge of ISO and other QA and HSE systems
  • Internal auditor qualifications for ISM / ISPS / MLC / ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO45001
  • Attended Incident Investigation Training Course

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Thank you for your understanding.

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